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Add,edit, record,play music. Soundtrack features

I make my own movies and magic shows/instructional lessons so it would be nice for all movie makers to have these features tat will set your software apart from all others. I have tried a dozen or more and none have all the features U can have the market share wit these features included. I would add,edit, record,play music. Soundtrack features to make all movies look and sound like a real Hollywood production. Voice over options with a E. to adjust levels, a voice changer to help with other important narration features. Last more text options like various new unique fade in's/out's, fade to white/black, kaleidoscope and tunnel views and a par aroma view enhancer. End credit feature will also give the buyers something extra for their money. Thanks, Dr. Anton Nova

Anton Nova , 18.01.2019, 17:39
Idea status: under consideration


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